Create value added through economic activities, contribute widely to society, respond to the trust and expectations of all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, business partners and society.

Respond quickly to changes in the market in order to secure the development and persistence of the company, always keep customer orientation as “belief” and respond flexibly to various kinds of changes to realize it.


Supply high-quality plastic products to the automobile market and respond to economic trends and market changes.

In addition, we will compete for high share in the global special market (Niche market) to gain company resources. To that end, we will continue to devote ourselves to improving existing products and developing new products by making use of state-of-the-art technologies and research. We aim to become an international company that solidifies with group affiliates and supplies high quality products to overseas markets.


It represents “customer’s orientation to quickly respond to customer’s request” as “belief”, and we will respond to changes “flexible” in order to realize this.

Quality Politics:

In TMX all the staff is committed to the quality of our processes and products working as a team and continuously improving the quality management system, with the primary objective of exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.


1. Comply with the quality requirements, objectives and needs of our client.
2. Based on “NEXT PROCESS IS FOR THE CUSTOMER”, within the company we supply the products with quality.
3. Recognize that complaints of quality shake the confidence and continuation of our company, that’s why we strive to improve it.
4. Identify the needs of our existing customers.
5. Focus on the entire company to provide the highest quality and service to customers.
6. Promote the development and introduction of the latest technology.
7. Develop the working skills of people at TMX to provide better quality customer service, transforming people’s culture for profit.
8. To take care of the safety of our associates and generate actions for the care of our environment.